Our yoga school believes that start and end times are useful parts of yoga class structure that aid in the learning process of our community, but we do not believe that late comers should be excluded from yoga class. We are here to support you. We appreciate those of you that arrive on time; please continue to do so. If you are late to class please show up anyway and observe the following procedure. Note: You can freely come and go anytime to Mysore class.


1.   Come into the room fully dressed and ready to practice (leave your stuff in the waiting room).

2.   Place your mat in the corner of the room, away from the other students and begin by practicing surya namaskara in any amount you choose.

3.   Once you are finished with your surya namaskara, move your mat into the mix of students or as directed by your teacher (make eye contact with your instructor to see if they are pointing to a spot for you).

4.   Take up practice at the point where the class is, and forget you ever came in late.


Notes: Ashtanga Yoga is wonderfully designed so that you can begin at any time (after practicing surya namaskara) it is, for us, absolutely acceptable for you to come in 30 minutes in to led primary and jump into the sequence at any point (after surya namaskara are practiced).


*Please do not make any noise and do NOT chant mantras by yourself in class.